To whom it may concern - Short Film

To whom it may concern can be likened to a note that records fragments of life and is thrown into the river of time. It travels toward the future, waiting for someone to pick it up and read it to connect other chapters of the story.

Peculiar Man observed the daily lives of Les Petites Choses Production members from the perspective of a creator. This collaborative process, which took place both in-person and online, enabled Peculiar Man to compose each person's passions, frustrations and idiosyncrasies into portraits and respond to the surroundings via body movement. Through the reinterpretation of Good Things Happening Films Studio and director Wu Hsiao Lu, a poetic and detached approach is adopted to portray intimate moments that are either absurd and noisy or lonely and quiet.


  • Producer: Peculiar Man and Les Petites Choses Production
  • Artistic Director: Yang Nai-hsuan
  • Choreographers: Tsai-Wei Tien, Jan Möllmer
  • Performers: Yang Nai-hsuan, Lin Su-lien, Chang Chien-hao, Pan Yu-hsun, Chu Pei-rung, Shen Le, Chang Ya-yuan, Chang Ya-wei, Chen Yi-chin, Chen Yi-en, Huang Yu-min, Chang Wen-hao
  • Sound Designer: Liu Zhu-chi
  • Composers: Liu Zhu-chi, Helina Sheng
  • Art Director: Cheng Hsin-ning
  • Rehearsal Assistant: Gao Ling-en
  • Film Production Company: Good Things Happening Film Studio
  • Film Director: Wu Hsiao-lu
  • Film Producer: Ip Kam-Tao Colin
  • Production Assistant: Zhuo Hong-ling
  • Director of Photography: Chuang Yo-young
  • Camera Crew: Lin Yu-jie, Lin Wei-yeh Nick
  • Aerial Photographer: Soulja Lin
  • Gaffer: Hippo Sung
  • Best Boy: ZBTS Film Studio
  • Editor: Wu Hsiao-lu
  • Colourist: Chloe Yu / Huemove Studio
  • Photographer: Kung Chia-yen

Dance en Scene Première

To whom it may concern is a dance film commissioned by National Taichung Theater (Taiwan). It is presented as part of Dance en Scene  from February 11th to March 6th 2022 by Esplanade, in partnership with National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) (Taiwan), National Taichung Theater (Taiwan) and Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts (Hong Kong).